CXL Minidegree: Conversion Optimization Part [5/12]

What “Analytics” is?

  • Tracking blog posts
  • See how people are flowing through the site.
  • Attribute that to them making money

Google does 3 things

  1. Collects data — Google Tag Manager does a great job here
  2. Stores data — Google Analytics does this incredibly well
  3. Reports on the data — Google Data Studio does a great job here

What are realtime reports?

Landing Page Optimization

  • Automatic
  • Emotional
  • Subconscious
  • In the moment
  • Effortful
  • Logical
  • Conscious
  • Planning Ahead

Neuroscience — Intro to brain chemicals

Dopamine Vs. Cortisol

  • The x-axis is the dopamine firing rate, Y-axis is the Prediction error type
  • Unexpected Reward: You get a dopamine hit at the reward
  • No error, Expected Reward: You get the hit when you take action, or there is a cue
  • Negative: No reward — You get the hit when you take the requisite action but then receive a negative reward when your expectations are not met


  1. Don’t disappoint your users by failing to deliver on a promised reward.
  2. Avoid triggering cortisol. Be aware of potential backfires.
  3. Be clear, transparent and honest.

Wireframing and Information Hierarchy

Final Thoughts



-- Developer at Digital Markete and lifelong learner

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Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker Developer at Digital Markete and lifelong learner

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