Part [12/12] Review of CXL’s Digital Psychology and Persuasion

Get Users Engaged: Cues and Triggers

  1. They are clear. It should be completely obvious what the user should be doing — no beating around the bush.
  2. They are sent at the right time. If someone is googling best funeral homes in ‘my city’, then it’s probably not a good time to send them an ad to rent a bouncy castle. The timing needs to be relevant to be helpful. ‘
  3. The prompt needs to be exciting and engaging. Now if a user was to see an ad for a bouncy castle, it wouldn’t be very convincing if it said: “Great bouncy castle’s for rent near you, call today”. If I’m getting this ad, I’m thinking, “wow okay, there are bouncy castles for rent near me? Cool.” If it were to include an image and a caption, such as this.

Completing the action

Keep them coming back

  • Rewards of the self
  • Rewards of the hunt
  • Rewards of the tribe

Beyond the reward

Final Thoughts



-- Developer at Digital Markete and lifelong learner

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Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker Developer at Digital Markete and lifelong learner

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